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Micro budgeting made easy.

Simple, Sleek and Fun

Going out? Look at The Prax to see your safe to spend amount for the day.. this week.. this month.


What is a Micro Budget?

A Micro budget is when you categorize your spendings into small budget categories and set limits to them.

For example: "I would like to spend $125 on coffee each month".

We take that budget and break it down for you to help you stay within that limit.

Save & Spend Together


Now you can invite your friends or family members to collaborate in real time on your budgets by sending them a link

Collaborate on goals with anyone you want all in one app. Track and edit your budgets together

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Have them

 your way!

Need a budget to start at a specific time? We got you covered

Whether you want to start a budget at the end of the month or beginning or just need a custom date for those spontaneous trips? We have that! With a super simple setup you'll be managing your money better and faster.

For all your needs

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Your Financial Report_2x.png

What People Are Saying


I never rate or review but i need to thank you for making this app... Simple. Functional. Awesome.

by hangintheredad via the App Store

Best Expense tracker out there!

I downloaded more than 12 apps for expense tracking.  Then i found this in the App Store and it was simplest to use and to the point. Best app for expense tracking that i have come across ever.

by rahulrupadhyay91

So Simple

Can't say how many "Budget" apps I've tried... Thank you, this is a keeper.

by MTKrugers via the App Store

Great lightweight app!

Fantastic little app - very simple but does exactly what I'd want!

by cfoughty7 via the App Store

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